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ibis-hotelsIbis Hotel Stevenage

Main Contractor- Robyland Builders


Mechanical Contractor MJD Air Conditioning Services Ltd


MJD were contracted to supply and install the air conditioning, heating and ventilation to the Mezzanine floor area of the hotel. The areas included the administration offices, banqueting suites, breakout areas, main bar area and all associated rest rooms. Mitsubishi Heat Pump Inverter Technology was utilised to provide the heating, cooling and ventilation to all areas. The banqueting areas were supplied by three Mitsubishi City Multi Heat Pump outdoor units, serving twelve internal four way blow cassettes. The units incorporate a high performance heating mode for low ambient conditions and provide cooling and heating via the energy saving inverter compressors. All remaining areas were supplied with Mitsubishi twin and split systems. These systems were an ideal option for the open plan areas. The fresh air and extract air was supplied by Mitsubishi Lossnay units. White linear grilles were installed to provide the required airflow to each area. The rest rooms were supplied with fresh air and extract air via ceiling mounted twin fan systems with automatic changeover. A service contract is now in place with a five year parts and labour warranty


10 Apartments 2-6 Middle Lane Crouch End

Main Contractor Imperial Construction

MJD were contracted to supply and install 10no Mitsubishi HMA100V Heavy Industries air to water heat pump boiler systems. The aim of the project was to deliver proven heat pump technology to deliver effective, low carbon heating and hot water, Mitsubishi Electric's award winning air to water heat pump systems provide a simple, renewable solution that rivals traditional heating systems.



Kings Quay Chelsea Harbour Penthouse Apartment

Main Contractor- Fulstow Holdings.kings-quay-001

During the beginning of the project MJD were contracted to decommission and remove the original Mitsubishi air conditioning equipment. Full reclaim of all refrigerant gas was carried out and all existing units removed from site for re-cycling purposes.

MJD supplied and installed the Daikin ducted fan coil units which were connected to several Daikin Mini VRV air conditioning systems. The Daikin VRV option was selected for its flexibility in residential applications. All indoor fan coil units were concealed within loft spaces or bespoke cabinets. All conditioned air was fed via white linear grilles. The system is controllable via a laptop or mobile phone application.





Research Establishment in Bedfordshire Area

MJD supplied and installed a Mitsubishi four way blow cassette system to the clean room/ test Laboratory. Mitsubishi was the preferred equipment choice for the following reasons. The airflow is controllable for ceiling heights up to 4.2 metres with automatic adjustment of fan speed. Reduced draught air distribution with independent vane control. Filter lowering operation down to 4metres.'I' see sensor for energy saving and smooth temperature control throughout the room. MJD also provided a Lossnay system to provide fresh air and extract to the enclosed room. The Lossnay unit works in conjunction with the air conditioning system recovering energy that would have otherwise been wasted. The units reduce overall energy costs by extracting stale air and then recovering the heating or cooling to either warm or cool incoming fresh air. By utilising this energy the Lossnay system can save up to 40% on initial capital costs of heating and cooling plant by reducing the load of the occupied space.


Moggerhanger Church



The project

Air Conditioning Installation at Moggerhanger Church

February 2013

Project- MJD were contracted to carry out the replacement of the church heating system. The church had been previously heated via high level electric infa-red heaters. These were proving to be very expensive to run. The decision was made to employ a consultant who would investigate a cheaper form of heating. The following system was approved and MJD were instructed to carry out the required works.


Two Mitsubishi Electric 2 Pipe PUHY-EP-250YJM Heat Pump Systems, providing a total heating capacity of 63KW.

The indoor units consisted of the following: Wall mounted fan coils units: Floor Consoles.

The systems have been fully commissioned and handed over to the client. A maintenance contract has now been put in place, which has in turn activated a five year parts and labour warranty.


Architect-Levitt Partnership Ltd:     
Mechanical Installation- MJD Air Conditioning Services Ltd.
Electrical Installation- Terry Seymour Electrical Installations Ltd:
Paint Sprayers L.A.Paintworks.
Diamond Drilling Services-B.Taylor Drilling Services Ltd.


Matt Dennis

Director MJD Air Conditioning Services Ltd



Air Conditioning Installation - Veritek Global Ltd

Veritek is an award-winning engineering service provision company founded in 1985; headquartered in Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK.

Originally specialising in engineering service provision for the photographic developing and printing markets, Veritek has evolved with the industry, successfully adapting and embracing new technology associated with the change from analogue to digital equipment.

Whilst consolidating its market share in the photo imaging sector, the company has expanded and diversified seamlessly into the Healthcare, Optometry, ATM and Industrial X-ray industries whilst continuing to explore new areas for growth.

In its 20+ years of operation, Veritek has grown to become one of the world’s leading independent exponents of customer orientated, high quality engineering service provision.

Now, with fully owned and controlled operations in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, USA and Australia, the company has a global solution to service.

Project- To supply and install 25 Daikin Inverter Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems (Energy Efficient)

Main Contractor- MJD Air Conditioning Services Ltd

MJD were contracted by Veritek to carry out the removal of the existing LG air conditioning equipment.

All systems were fully decommissioned and all of the existing refrigerant gas reclaimed as per the current ‘F’ gas regulations.

All of the existing equipment was removed and sent to AC Salvage for re-cycling purposes. The new Daikin high efficiency inverter systems were then installed, commissioned and handed over to the client.

The main workshop areas were supplied with Daikin four way blow roundflow cassettes. The main administration offices, meeting rooms and the reception area were supplied by ducted fan coil units. We feel this was the perfect solutions for these areas, minimising draughts for the office personnel and creating a comfortable working environment. All areas were fitted with remote temperature sensors to improve efficiency and prevent temperature swings. All of the systems have been fitted with the up to date Daikin time clock controllers to provide maximum efficiency.

A five year parts and labour warranty will be in place when the service contract is signed and agreed.

Workplace Law

13 Clerkenwell Road
London EC1


Specialise in Workplace Law Training


AGI Interiors- Main Building Works and Fit out- Director Mr Andy Gardner.

Mechanical Engineers- MJD Air Conditioning Services Ltd- Director Matt Dennis

Project- Mitsubishi City Multi Heat Recovery System

The aim of the project was to provide all of the mechanical services required for the heating, cooling, ventilation, and the hot and cold water services. All of the main areas and meeting rooms were be fed with Mitsubishi ducted systems which were located in all of the adjacent false ceiling voids

The conditioned air was fed into each room via 600 x 600 four way blow white diffusers. All fresh air was installed into the false ceiling voids and fed through the back of the fan coils. Ducted units were chosen for quiet operation and to minimise the draughts within the training rooms. All rooms were supplied with extract air to assist in keeping the rooms to their optimum levels

The system was a Mitsubishi City Multi system which provided simultaneous heating and cooling through its unique two pipe system, offering versatility when required. The fresh air and extract was provided by a Mitsubishi Lossnay unit which provided the correct amount of fresh air/ extract to all areas.

As MJD were contracted to carry out the hot and cold water services, we decided to introduce a Mitsubishi Heat pump boiler onto the system, this would be an economic way of producing hot water as the training rooms are generally running in the cooling mode five days a week and all of the rejected heat would be absorbed into the hot water system.

The system was ECA registered and a saving of 23% was made on the entire installation costs.

Services Provided on the WPLEC Project

Conditioned Fresh Air/Extract Main Areas and Training Rooms
Sanitary Installations-Toilets-Disabled-Toilets- Kitchen- Shower Room.
Ventilation to all Toilet Areas- Kitchen-Shower.

The Mitsubishi system in now under a full maintenance programme and will carry a full five year parts and labour warranty.

Air Conditioning Installation - Brockton Capital

Brockton capital LLP
Level 1
89 Wardour Street

Brockton Capital was formed in 2005

The company invests in direct property, operating businesses that are heavily asset backed and property-related capital market securities.

Project Management

SR Builders- Bespoke building Contractors- Design Fit out

Emulsion Architecture- Bakers Yard London

MJD Air Conditioning Services Ltd- Mechanical Design & Installation

Tonhout crane Hire Ltd Welwyn Garden City

Air Conditioning & Heating

We have previously fully air conditioned Level 1 using a Daikin three pipe VRF system, which is still fully functional and maintained on regular service intervals by MJD. Our latest project for Brockton Capital was totally designed by MJD Air Conditioning Services Ltd. Eventually it was agreed that a Mitsubishi City Multi 2 pipe system would be installed on level 2 to provide Cooling , Heating, and hot water. The need for energy efficiency was paramount in the design stages to meet current regulations and legislations. The system was designed with the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (ECA) so that Brocton Capital would benefit from utmost efficiency both financially and environmentally. Visit www.eca.gov.uk for further information. The external condensing unit was lifted to the roof early on Sunday 27th February 20111 by Tonhout Crane Hire Ltd, with a partial road closure. The unit was craned to the sixth floor roof top and positioned on the required condenser base. All of the existing systems serving level 2 were removed for recycling at Ampthill Metal Company

All areas were served by concealed chassis units enclosed in bespoke panelling and the air distribution to each area was provided via bronze linear grilles. All of the meeting rooms were fitted with wall mounted temperature sensors for optimum temperature control. A lossnay heat exchanger was installed to provide conditioned fresh air to all areas and extract air to keep the quality of air as pure as possible within all of the meeting rooms, reception area and the library. The lossnay unit will save around 30% on initial capital costs of the heating and cooling plant by reducing the load of the occupied space. The system is capable of utilising free cooling by using the outside temperature to help achieve the required temperature by free cooling or heat recovery.

Hot Water

A VRF Heat Pump Boiler was connected to the City Multi system. Hot water was provided for the kitchen area, sanitary areas including the shower room. The heat pump hot water boiler is far more efficient than a conventional gas boiler and will reclaim any heat dispersed when the main system is running in the cooling mode, providing free or cheap hot water.


Project- Waltham Forest College.


Main Contractor- Hutton Construction


Mechanical Installations.

C D Stone Dunstable Ltd

MJD Air Conditioning Services Ltd


The project is a refurbishment of the main building, introducing a new performance area, new seminar rooms and a new kitchen area. All areas are to be supplied with comfort cooling and heating via Mitsubishi inverter cassette units. All areas will be supplied with supply and extract air to meet the current building regulations.

The project is now underway and all of the equipment has been craned  to the required areas. The installation of the indoor units has began, along with the required inter-connecting services.


Watch this space for the next update.







Fitness First Cottons

Tooley Street

London Bridge





Main Contractor MJD Air Conditioning Services Ltd


MJD was contracted to carry out the installation of the Daikin VRV heat pump and split units within the health club. All of the internal units were installed on a club refurbishment, but planning permission and a parking space in the underground car park was not available. MJD installed of all the inter-connecting services from the indoor units to the external condensing units. When planning consent and a parking bay became available the condensing units were located in the underground car park at an agreed location. MJD were responsible for the complete installation and commissioning of all the newly installed Daikin equipment and were asked to design, supply and install a protective key clamp barrier to enclose and protect the new installation.






The project


Main Contractor – Barnes Design

Mechanical services- MJD Air Conditioning Services Ltd

Rubelli’s was founded in 1858 and prides itself on excellence and quality providing handmade fabrics and highly sophisticated textiles for historical homes, contempory interiors, museums, theatres. Yachts, hotels and cruise ships. 

MJD carefully designed and installed the Mitsubishi Electric City Multi air conditioning system which would provide the necessary cooling, heating, fresh air and extract to the desired space. The system comprised of seven indoor ceiling concealed ducted systems supplying air from 2 metre long white linear grills installed within the false ceiling void. The linear grills provided evenly distributed airflow for maximum comfort and even temperature distribution across the showroom areas. A heat reclaim/lossnay unit was installed to provide fresh air/ extract to the showroom area to provide a clean and fresh feel for both staff and clients.

The system was designed with sophisticated technology, combined with a high level of energy efficiency. The whole installation will be offset against the ‘Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme’.

A service contract is now in place with Rubelli, which will be carried out on quarterly intervals and provide the client with the necessary cover, inclusive of a five year parts and labour warranty.

Matt Dennis

Director MJD Air Conditioning Services Ltd