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AGI Interiors- Main Building Works and Fit out- Director Mr Andy Gardner.

Mechanical Engineers- MJD Air Conditioning Services Ltd- Director Matt Dennis

Project- Mitsubishi City Multi Heat Recovery System

The aim of the project was to provide all of the mechanical services required for the heating, cooling, ventilation, and the hot and cold water services. All of the main areas and meeting rooms were be fed with Mitsubishi ducted systems which were located in all of the adjacent false ceiling voids

The conditioned air was fed into each room via 600 x 600 four way blow white diffusers. All fresh air was installed into the false ceiling voids and fed through the back of the fan coils. Ducted units were chosen for quiet operation and to minimise the draughts within the training rooms. All rooms were supplied with extract air to assist in keeping the rooms to their optimum levels

The system was a Mitsubishi City Multi system which provided simultaneous heating and cooling through its unique two pipe system, offering versatility when required. The fresh air and extract was provided by a Mitsubishi Lossnay unit which provided the correct amount of fresh air/ extract to all areas.

As MJD were contracted to carry out the hot and cold water services, we decided to introduce a Mitsubishi Heat pump boiler onto the system, this would be an economic way of producing hot water as the training rooms are generally running in the cooling mode five days a week and all of the rejected heat would be absorbed into the hot water system.

The system was ECA registered and a saving of 23% was made on the entire installation costs.

Services Provided on the WPLEC Project

Conditioned Fresh Air/Extract Main Areas and Training Rooms
Sanitary Installations-Toilets-Disabled-Toilets- Kitchen- Shower Room.
Ventilation to all Toilet Areas- Kitchen-Shower.

The Mitsubishi system in now under a full maintenance programme and will carry a full five year parts and labour warranty.