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Types of Heat Pump Systems

Split Systems

Split systems consist of 2 parts - an outdoor heat pump and indoor Hydor-box unit, for heating, and an additional storage cylinder for domestic hot water. Refrigerant pipe work connects the outdoor to the indoor unit for minimal energy losses and greater system flexibility.

All Daikin Altherma air/water heat pump systems are highly energy efficient. High temperature options are available, suitable for listed properties, refurbishments, large resdiential properties and/or commercial applications.

Below: Example schematic of the Daikin Altherma air/water, wall-hung heat pump split system.

2013 c-series Daikin Altherma schematic

Mono Systemsmono house

The Mono type system consists of the same components as the Split type system but housed all-in-one outside unit. The Mono system also reaches temperatures up to 50°C on its own. Available in 5 capacities single and three phase, for heating and hot water. DHW cylinder sizes (150/200/300L) are available.

Ideal for

Housing and commercial type applications.
Can connect to:

Radiators, under floor, convector units, DHW storage cylinder and solar panels.


 6 & 8kW Monobloc











Flex Systems

flex-houseThe Flex system consists of an outdoor unit that extracts the heat from the air outside and raises the temperature through a cascade system which heats DHW water temperatures up to 75°C with remarkable efficiency and transfers the heat to individual units (10 indoor units can be connected to 1 outdoor unit). For larger applications multiple outdoor units can be installed.

Ideal for

Large houses, apartment buildings, housing association blocks and commercial applications.
Can connect to

Radiators, under floor heating, convector units, DHW storage cylinder.