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    MJD receive a number of frequently asked questions about the services we offer. This FAQS section puts all of those questions into one place, providing the necessary air conditioning facts and figures. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for then please feel free to contact us.

    What is an air conditioning used for?
    An air conditioning system is designed to provide conditioned air throughout a room or building. Modern equipment uses return air filters to remove particulates from the air. Air conditioning systems will improve air quality and provide a comfortable environment for the occupants within the conditioned space.
    Do air conditioning units provide heating?
    Modern heat pump units supplied by the leading manufacturer’s provide a very economical form of heating. Larger systems are also capable of providing simultaneous heating and cooling, giving a wide flexibility to any modern business or building.
    Why do MJD Air Conditioning Services supply products from different manufacturer’s?
    MJD will only purchase equipment from leading manufacturer’s, this enables us to provide our customers with a wide and comprehensive choices for use across a wide range of air conditioning and heating applications. Our leading manufacturers will also provide us with warranties ranging from 3 years to 7 years. Factory visits have been made by MJD in the past to witness our suppliers manufacturing and piecing together air conditioning equipment that we will be purchasing and installing in the near future.
    Is air conditioning expensive to run?
    Modern air conditioning systems are very economical to run. All systems are now fitted with variable speed inverter compressors, which will increase or decrease their speed and output according to the room or building demand. MJD can supply accurate running costs when we design a system for any room or building.